Steam Steam API Setup


Hi I am currently making a game on GMS2. I wanted to setup steam achievements and that stuff before applying to steamworks.

* I downloaded the supported version of SteamWorks SDK which is version 142.
* I setup the SDK location on GMS 2. (Preferences > Platform Settings > Steam)
* I checked the Enable Steam box. (Game Options > Windows > General)
* I put the "480" aka "Spacewar" Steam ID on Steam ID section. (Game Options > Main > General)

When I run my game, in output I can see some stuff about Steam and it gets my user ID too but I can't make Shift-Tab in game.
In game the steam_initialised() function returns true but there is no sign that my game is running with Steam API.
How can I fix this and open Steam overlay in my game?
I doubt that 480 is your steam ID. It's going to be a number like 1369800 or whatever. Much longer than 480. When you go to your App Admin page in Steamworks for your game, it'll have your game name at the top and then in brackets it will have a number, that is the correct number to put in your project.