Steam Achievements

Hello everyone!
I was able to successfully activate the following commands:

if keyboard_check(ord("L"))
var t = steam_get_app_id();
draw_text_color(100,100,"App ID "+string(t),c_green,c_green,c_green,c_green,1)

var ts = steam_initialised()
draw_text_color(100,120,"steam_initialised "+string(ts),c_green,c_green,c_green,c_green,1)

var vs = steam_stats_ready();
draw_text_color(100,140,"steam_stats_ready "+string(vs),c_green,c_green,c_green,c_green,1)

var st = steam_is_overlay_enabled();
draw_text_color(100,160,"steam_overlay_enabled "+string(st),c_green,c_green,c_green,c_green,1)

var sscore = steam_get_stat_int("stats1")
draw_text_color(100,180,"stats "+string(sscore),c_green,c_green,c_green,c_green,1)


Seems it's all = True, but when i try to call the achievement he are can't unlock .. :(

I set them from the steamworks, also the game are already released in steam..

Anyone have this issue ?


If you put a show_debug_message inside the "case 15:" for example, does it show back on your console output? Just to check that that code is indeed being executed.