Team Request Started working on zombi survival game but need designer

So I recently bought Gamemaker Studio 2 on steam and started working on my first real game.
And well, I'm pretty proud of what I have made so far. It's a zombie survival game like the old classic Call of Duty World at War Zombies but then 2D of course.
The problem I faced tho, I'm really terrible at making graphics. So my game at the moment looks, well, terrible, really terrible. Soo, I thought, maybe someone on the internet is interested in helping me with this game. Don't know for sure where to look exactly but thought this would be a good place.

In conclusion, anyone who wants to start working together on this game? Contact me! Email: or respond to this post šŸ™ƒ

Yes yes it looks terrible I'm well aware but added the image anyhow to hopefully give an image of what the game is.
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