Opinion Start a conversation with somebody online, recently online, or offline for over an hour?


Alex Lyons

This has absolutely nothing to do with game dev or even gaming, but Reddit is run by bots that keep deleting this topic for some reason, even though it clearly doesn't break any rules.

So, you want to talk to somebody on Facebook messenger or whatever, and you check to see whether they're active, or how long it's been since they were. Of course, this is to prevent falling into the dreaded "seen-zone". If it's to your liking, you then initiate the conversation.

Do you prefer to start a conversation when they are:
  • Currently online?
  • Offline, but just recently became offline?
  • Offline for more than an hour?
All three have their advantages and disadvantages.

Which of the three do you prefer?


I don't mean to sound harsh, but this seems a bit silly. If I want to talk to someone, on Messenger or otherwise, I send them a message and let them reply at their leisure, regardless of when they were last online. I trust my friends to have the maturity to respond when it's convenient for them and don't stalk their page waiting for their browsing history to tell me if they've read my message.


There's never anyone online the same time as me so I always leave a message and come back the next day (by that I usually mean "after I wake up" so it's in reality less than 24 hours, so often like 12 hours) to see if they have seen it and have replied.