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    What is Stand Alone?
    It’s a 2D, top view, zombie, survival, open world game. It is centered in a modern time (about 2025 in-game) in a post apocalyptic scenario shrouded by zombie-like creatures that plague the world brought by an alien infection. I have much more background developed for this game that I am not going to share here. If you’d like to know more please join the project!


    Stand Alone is a project I've been working on for years now. It's gone under numerous remakes and plot changes, but everything is finally panning out really well. I've decided to work on it with a team because it's a really ambitious project that'll likely take a really long time to complete. For the basic idea of the game please look at this doc. For more details on what exactly the game is, check the Develteam page

    Currently Recruiting
    We're recruiting basically every job right now however the two biggest priorities are programmers and artists. As you may have noticed, this page has an extreme lack of art, that's because there currently is no art in the game.
    Artists - Pixel artists/Concept artists, We need concept artists to help convey what we'd like to create from words to pictures. As well as Pixel artists for actual in game art designs
    Programmers - Only requests is that you're experienced with Gamemaker, and you have GMS 2. Although I'm assuming mostly everyone on this website has GMS 2

    The game is entirely created in our team's spare time out of the joy of creation by hobbyists. No one on the team is payed, however the current payment plan is to distribute any earnings from the game post launch evenly among every team member. (as well as credits in the game obviously)

    If you're worried about the game being abandoned (like many many other ambitious projects) I can assure you that will not happen. I've stuck with this game for literally my entire life of creating games, It's my dream game to complete and I'll never abandon it. With that said please do not join the project if you do not plan on sticking with it. Not working often because you're only working in your spare time is fine, but please do not join for a week and go inactive forever.

    So if you're interested in joining the project you can make a request to join through Develteam or by talking to me on discord. (Canine#6725) Please be prepared to show some form of portfolio/previous works as it's unlikely I'll recruit you if you don't have at least one piece of previous work to show what you're capable of. If you do not use Develteam and for some reason cannot contact me on discord please email me at If for some reason you can't contact me through any of those methods then you can message me through the forums, but I probably will not respond so please don't.

    I hope you plan on joining us!
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  2. A Random Creator

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    Jun 22, 2016
    Bump, this game is still actively worked on, however we still need members! If you'd like to join in please do make a request!

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