Android Square Thief



I would like to present you my first game. We are play a square thief (o rly?). Our goal is to get money from a safe and escape the crime scene. On our way we encounter many problems like lasers, another thief and (of course) a lot of security guards.
The game contains (now) 30 different levels, which will obviously be added during the time.
In the hideout we can multiply "honestly" earned money that will allow us to buy and change our appearance.
At first we will only contact the guards; next, the lasers will be disabled by the access code which we need to find, or disable by pressing the box on the platform. There will also be a thief mentioned earlier, who has the same goal as us, but we must be better!

Maybe somebody would like to express their opinions about this game.


Had a look at the screenshots as I don't have any android devices, IT LOOKS GOOD. I like the lighting and the art style.