Sprites not rendering


IDE v2.3.1.542
Runtime v2.3.1.409
Hello all, I'm at my wits end here.

Ever since one of the updates way back (I don't remember which one), some of my sprites stopped rendering. It took me a while, but I found out that if I manually added a draw event (draw_self();) it would work fine. For a while that seemed okay, but I went to work on another part of the game and found that that didn't solve all of my disappearing sprites.

This is what I've tried:
*made sure all the vanished objects were marked visible
*made sure all the vanished objects were setting image_alpha=1
*checked coordinates of objects to make sure they weren't rendering way way off
*cleaned the code
*checked that the sprite origins were in the right place
*there are no compile errors
*there are no syntax errors (other than some variables being used only once)

I just had a sprite vanish on me in front of my eyes, it was there in one run and gone in the next. Same version.

OH WOW! Now, after adding image_alpha=1 and visible=true to an object, the game gives me a black screen from the start. I've now gone back and undone all todays progress (not much). I can still select my options and start a new game (I can hear what's going on), but after a while the screen turns white and completely freezes.

I've been coding this game for 3 years now, I will be devastated if this is somehow irrecoverably corrupt.
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