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Hello, gamers and game developers, my name is Remos and I specialize in creating game sprites. I can create animated characters, props, tiles, buildings. I should be able to customize to suit the requirements of the user and any version of Game Maker.

Icons & Tiles

Characters & Animations:

Previews above should be animated: APNG.



Image limit here is 10, but you can find more examples in my portfolio.

  • I don't work for free or royalties/shares.
  • I am not Pixel Artist.
  • Prices vary to accommodate the complexity of the model as well as the output size.
  • I don't do trademarked characters (Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Megaman, etc.).

Negotiable, depending on complexity, size, directions, number of animations, etc.

Email: valarinPath@gmail.com
Or PM me on here, but if I don't answer, use email.

Check out my Portfolio
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After a long absence from the community, I'm open for commissions again. Made a complete refresh to the front page with new art samples.