Legacy GM sprite/mask problem


Raven The Comic

Well im been adding new sprites for my game and well... it isn't work right!
here the vid:
and when the last sprite/mask it glich out and the idle isnt working!
heres the code:
one.PNG two.PNG
if this isnt enough then i send you the gamemaker file.
im using GM1 from steam (i hope the steam and pc isnt different)
pls help!


Just a few things to note.

Firstly, that triangle solid block is weird cause it plays tricks on the eyes and you can't tell if you are moving right or left.

Also life would be easier if you kept the mask the same for all sprites. The character is not changing a huge amount to justify the small changes in the mask, and they can lead to problems.

You also need to change the image_xscale according to the sign of hsp to make the player face the right direction.