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Windows Sprite Groups Destroyed My Project



So, I tried cleaning things up in my project today and created new groups to sort my sprites into. After everything was now nice and neat, I ran a few test plays of my game and began noticing bugs like this:

I just sort of brushed it off and figured maybe I had accidentally deleted my first hud sprite during the moving process, so I checked and it was still there. I thought maybe it was the code, so I checked and I had literally never altered anything to do with the games code since Wednesday (today is Friday) and no updates had occurred since then. I actually have a build of this exact project before the new sprite groups and get no issues at all.

After much thinking, I decided to do two things. I first, deleted the sprite in question and recreated it by simply importing my sprite over again and then named the new sprite the same name as the old. This seemed to have worked for the sprite in question but all of a sudden, now it couldn't locate spr_hud2! I returned to my project and did the same process I did with the first, came back, and all was fine until..you guessed it, now spr_hud3 was missing.

After all of this, I deleted and recreated all of my HUD sprites to find that when I came back to the game, spr_hud1 was now missing again as if the original order had been returned (spr_hud1 was before spr_hud2, etc where as after my recreating process, they were out of order). Now I decided to try my second plan and that was to clean the build. Needless to say, it didn't work.

At this point, my only option is to go back to an older backup and rebuild a ton of code I worked on for more than 6 hours today. Unless this bug is fixed soon, my project is completely corrupted.

Has anyone else had this massive issue occur? Any advice or fix would be much appreciated!

No fix for this has really been found and I still can't seem to create new groups without issues but to avoid any further errors, I arranged my sprites as they were before the new groups were made and have no more missing sprites. This is confirmed to be a Game Maker Studio 2 error that can cost you your project if you don't create backups regularly. Hoping for a fix soon.
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I recently encountered this problem. Just about flipped my desk over. Trying to port my project to a new project. Super annoying


I recently encountered this problem. Just about flipped my desk over. Trying to port my project to a new project. Super annoying
What is it with low-post / new users that makes you all dig up threads that were last posted in 12mth old or more? Make a new thread.

Are you saying the same bug from Oct 2017 is still happening to you in the current version 2.2.2 of GMS2.

If so, you should report it as a bug using File > Help > Report a Bug.
Attach your project to show them what is happening and allow them to fix it more quickly.