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Windows Sprite going underneath NPC?



So I'm a noob and I don't know anything about coding, and am currently using the "Undertale Fangame Engine" by RickyG to help myself make my own game. So, I changed the Frisk (name of the character you usually play in undertale) walking animation sprites to my own sprite for my game which is taller than the Frisk sprite and skinnier. Everything was working fine, the solids were working and everything, but I had a little problem:
So in the engine they set up areas up for you with NPCs and Shops and battles and buildings and rooms and stuff, and I was using them for testing to see if the solids and stuff were working with the sprite that I changed (I had to mess around with the masking for a bit since the sprite was a lot taller). So there were two areas you could choose from to go in: Area 1, (in the files it's called room_test) which has 3 NPCs, and Area 2, which was made on camera and has 1 NPC. So there was nothing wrong with area 1, you go in front of the NPCs and press enter and the dialogue box appears and when it's done it disappears, totally fine, but in area 2 when you go in front of the only NPC, the sprite goes right under the npc, but you can still interact with the NPC fine. The same NPC appears in Area 1, and they are the exact same object. Is there a way to fix this?