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Question - IDE Sprite editor rectangular selection tool CMD (add to) and ALT (subtract from) not working.


I'm on GMS2 and I'm trying to select an area and add to it using CMD key but it does not add it just creates a new selection. Is this a known bug? Is anyone else on a mac that has this same issue?
I have checked that I'm pressing the keys using the on-screen keyboard in OSX.
I have been able to use CTRL and ALT in Windows machines and it works there, but I am not mainly working on windows.

Any suggestions?




Not sure what the issue would be. I am on MacOS and CMD and OPTION work to ADD and SUBTRACT selection in the sprite editor.

Do you have a Mac Keyboard; three keys: Control,Option, Command. Or a standard keyboard; two keys, CTRL ALT (and possibly windows key)?


You may look at your modifier key settings and check that they make sense. This is from the OS preferences.

Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Modifier Keys

Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 11.53.59 PM.png


I have an internal keyboard, it's a macbook air M1.

I have just now tested and found out that the RIGHT hand ALT key allows me to subtract, but none of the CMD keys work to add to the selection.
I also tried this with an external mac keyboard with the same results.

BUT, I just attached an external ThinkPad keyboard, and I was able to get the functionality out of the CTRL and ALT on the right side of the space.

So it's really really really strange. I guess I'd have to use this windows keyboard and the RIGHT hand CMD and ALT which is really awkward.... I really wish we could rebind keys....