Sports Draw System: How would you code it?


Hi guys,

How would you create a sports draw system? So you have say 18 teams and need to create a random draw for the sports season so you have 9 games every round? Then the player plays each round against the drawn teams up to the play offs.

I'm stuck on how I would even attempt this. Please help.


Do you need to know the teams in every match, or just the one the player is participating in?


If all you need to do is randomly pair teams... put all the teams into a ds list. Shuffle the list, so it is now in random order. Go through the list and pair every two teams you draw from it. Now, if each team should face other teams only once, it gets more complicated but this wasn't specified as requirement.


I assume you're talking about something like Football Menager??

First you need to create a database system with teams, players, matches, seasons, statistics etc.

Than you need to create an algorithm which will manage the changes in the database - mach results, transfers in teams, playera development etc.

On top of that you'll need to create a gui controll system which will use the database to show the data and give player input to the controlling system.

Quite a lot of work... even in simplest variant.
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