HTML5 Spooky's Graveyard Adventure


The cats are back! Guide Spooky the cat through the graveyard to find the treasure! Don't disturb the ghoulish denizens and find the treasures before time runs out.

Spooky's Graveyard Adventure is a clone of the Atari classic, Pitfall! by David Crane. It features a 256-screen procedurally generated graveyard maze. Each screen follows the formula used in the original Pitfall, but with a different maze each time you play. There can be more or fewer than the original 32 treasures.

This game is essentially a re-skin of my previous release, but updated with a Halloween theme and a proper title screen. Click the image to play on Enjoy!

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You should make it clear that clicking on the screenshot opens the HTML5 game.

That said, it looks like a fun tribute in the style of the pitfall genre. I just played for a few minutes, but I enjoyed it. The controls are responsive and the hazards are familiar to anyone who's played the original game.

Nice job with this.