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Released Spook 'Em Up

It's not exactly the season anymore, but I just released a Halloween-themed arcade game made with GM 1.4 (saving up to get GM2 eventually). https://harry-pollock.itch.io/spook-em-up

(Only a teaser trailer, didn't have enough time to make a full gameplay trailer)

The game is an infinite beat-'em-up, with each round becoming more and more hectic as you go on. The game features a bunch of fun enemy monsters to fight, you'll have to survive as long as possible and hopefully get a highscore in the process!

You play as a ghost, who can't do all that much on his own, but weaken an enemy enough and you'll have acess to the game's main gimmick: possession. You can possess enemies to turn into a brand new playable character, which helps turn the tides in your favour against the endless onslaught of enemies. For the moment being, there are a total of 6 different playable characters.

This is pretty much my first Game Maker project, while it's a fairly simple game, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I'd like to eventually add more content to the game, but for now I want to focus on bigger projects.


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Well, the teaser is fine, but really shows nothing of the game... How about some screenshots or GIFs? :)