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Discussion Splash screen background does not appear


I imported my project from GMS1, and I notice that my custom splash screen does not display. I have a splash screen room with one object, and it's creation code has this:

splash = "SplashScreen.png";

bg = background_add(splash,false,false);
__background_set( e__BG.Index, 0, bg );
__background_set( e__BG.Visible, 0, true )​

The code in my original project looked like this, and it worked.

bg = background_add(splash,false,false);
background_index[0] = bg;
background_visible[0] = true​

Anyone know why the new version does not show up? I just see black.


I recommend creating a Background layer and setting the sprite of the background layer to the image you were using as splash screen (and then removing this code). I don't like this compatibility code generated by Yoyo, so every time I import old games I take sometime to convert old functions to their new format/method. I advise you to do the same if you're going to keep developing your game on GM2.