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Legacy GM Spine - worldAngle from Spine animation gives the value "<undefined>"


Hello GM people, I hope I put this on right place :)

I came upon an error in newest Early Access regarding Spine animation.. I'm sending You example in the attachment, just run it and You will see what I'm talking about.. When I read worldX and worldY from Spine skeletal animation, everything is fine, but when I try to read worldAngle game crashes.. I used YoYos Spine tutorial for Skeletal animations to make example, just look in the Animation Update Event of player object to see code which throws error..

Does someone also ran into this?

Also, I came upon this post on reddit (it is about GMS 2 but its identical bug as we have on Early Access 1.99.525 and above): https://www.reddit.com/r/gamemaker/comments/5oo2sg/help_worldangle_undefined_gms2/

Also, I filled report (Request #119982) on YoYos page and got answer that they see the issue and that they will add our issue to the bug database.. This was 2 MONTHS ago and as I see, problem is not solved (there were some updates without fix for this problem), and also, I can't find that bug on mantis either..

Could I get some help here, can You guys try this out and push a bit YoYo people to solve this? My game is close to end and I want to release it with newest Game Maker (1.4) and that will not be possible because of this bug..

Here is link to sample project which I sent to YoYo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4annh4cdjqz1qx0/Spine_worldAngle_bug.gmz?dl=0

Thank You in advance and best regards,


I see YoYo released new version of GMS 1.4, but this bug is not solved. This becomes very frustrating.. My game will be finished soon and this is a big problem for me. Does anyone have any info on this bug?

Joshua Allen

If it still isn't fixed, can't you just recurse up the parent bones and then add the bone angles on your way down?