Spine Multiple Animations with separate speeds



My question is if there exists somewhere in code for the skeleton spine object to have each of it's separate animations run at different speeds. For example:

animation 1: you animate a scarf flowing in the wind that a person is wearing (flows at image_speed 2)
animation 2: the person is blinking or putting up his hand (image_speed 1)

I would want to increase the image_speed of animation 1 as wind picks up but don't want to change the speed of animation 2. Will I have to have 2 separate objects for this or am I missing something special that I could be doing in code?


for what I know image_speed or draw_skeleton_time() are the way to go to alter the speed of a skeletal animation.

but if you did one global spine animation (that contain the 2 part of your "animation 1" and "animation 2", those won't work to achieve what you want. because they only allow to alter the speed of the skeletal animation as a one)

not sure but if I was looking to solve your problem I would look into:
idea 1: I split your animation and use attachement for the sub animations (1 & 2) (never used animation as attachement only static, so not sure from here if it's doable to alter their speed at will)
idea 2: skeleton_bone_* seems to give greater control over the skeletal animation but I never used them yet (seems to require a lot of coding to get the fine control you look but seems to be able to achieve it)
idea 3: have those alternate speed animation in spine with fast and slow scarf anim (like run or walk) and using _mix_* function for switching.


hmm... Okay so no straightforward approach (as suspected), only some possible work around(s). Well once I've finished my animations I'll be sure to do some trial and error with your suggestions.

Ultimately I would love to have a simple yet very dynamic way of controlling the separate speeds of the separate animations on the same track, but not sure if it's of use enough to be created.