HTML5 Spine issues in HTML5



I'm having a game-breaking bug while playing Spine animations with HTML5 set as platform.
Spine animation changes don't seem to register. My code uses skeleton_animation_set_ext() which freezes the graphics while skeleton_animation_set() doesn't seem to do anything, leaving the initial animation playing, although skeleton_animation_get() returns the set animation.
Game work fine when settings Windows as platform.

Things I've tried:
- Testing both locally and from hosting websites.
- Using runtimes and, older ones don't appear in Runtime Feeds (bug?)
- Exporting the .json from the latest Spine runtime, from runtime 2.1, as well as using examples from 3.4
- Fiddling with other skeleton_animation functions
- Using different browsers, cleaning the project and testing as a new project.

Any clue?
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