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HTML5 Spine bounding box with HTLM5 : Bug ?



I did some tests and i think there is a bug on bounding box from spine in html5.
So, I imported in GMS2 a skeleton from spine without a bounding box. I used draw_rectangle (bbox_left, bbox_top, bbox_right, bbox_bottom, true) for the red rectangle.
  • Compiling for windows : OK
  • Compiling for HTML5 : OK (cf : gif).

Then i created a bounding box in Spine and i imported the skeleton in GMS2. I change in game maker the collision mask to precise (it is the same result if i keep rectangle). I used skeleton_collision_draw_set(true) for the red rectangle. Works for windows but not in HML5. The animation seems to be block at the first frame. And it is weird because, in html5, the red rectangle doesn't always appear...
  • Compiling Windows : OK (Cf : gif)
  • Compiling HTML5 : Not OK (cf : gif).

Version spine : 3.7.94
Version IDE Game Maker Studio 2 : V2.2.5.481
Version Runtime : V2.2.5.378

Do you know what could be the rootcause ? I searched in internet but i didn't found anaything.
I am not sure that it is a bug.

Thanks ;)