Spine bounding box and image scale


Hi everyone!

I need my bounding box to be a fixed size (256x256) for a combat grid system. I did that to everything but the characters. Now I'm having a problem with my Line of Sight system.

I use image_xscale and image_yscale a lot on an object that uses a sprite that is a Spine skeleton. If it was a regular sprite I would draw it manually and have custom scale variables that would not mess with the bounding box. But this a Spine skeleton and I'm afraid that if I draw it manually I will lost the event triggers and etc.

I'm just wondering if I could make an object that will only follows the characters and not be impacted by the scale vars and the colisions would be made in relation to THAT new object and not the character object.

Is there a less hacky way of doing this? What do you guys think?