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Spine animation not playing


Sylvan Dread

I bought spine and I'm just testing it right now. My game literally only has the player sprite and player object. I assigned the JSON file to the sprite, assigned that sprite to the player and in the player step event I only have one line of code skeleton_animation_set("Idle"); I get no errors on compile or anything like malformed JSON file. I have tried putting it in any other even that seems logical but those don't work either.

When I load up my game the sprite of the player has no animation and stays static.

I know the animation is working in spine becasue I can export it as a .gif just fine.

I'm using GM:S Professional early access v1.99.505 and spine essential v3.4.02. I also tried using spine version 2.1.08 as some form posts suggested but that didn't work either.

Edit: I just now tried it in v1.4.1757 and still wont animate.
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Joshua Allen

You should try:
if (skeleton_animation_get() != "Idle"){

Whenever you call "skeleton_animation_set" it sets image_index to 0.

Sylvan Dread

My hero! Worked perfectly thanks! No idea it was setting it to index zero every time, good to know.