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Android Sphere Dash




A simple tap game for android!

Just tap on the colored spheres to destroy the incoming blocky obstruction. Either to destroy the blocky obstruction or match the color! Watch for Bomb and Life spheres too. It can support you to dash through the levels. Be alert! the gameplay is getting harder as the level increase.

Don't wait any longer, download and play now! Be the top scorer for this game! Feel free to rate or review. If you found some bugs please do contact me too. I spent only few days of my off day last month to design this, so i know it pretty bland.

Happy playing!

Some of the screenshots!

Download link:
Sphere Dash for Android
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@lovareth, I approved this for the Made w/GM forum, but then I moved it here temporarily. None of the screenshots you posted are visible -- except maybe for users with the Google Chrome browser. The reason is that Google doesn't allow standard linking to images on their store. So many browsers and forums can't display them.

Many people on GooglePlay set up a second image hosting account for posting screenshots -- like Photobucket, for example (but Dropbox is good too... and there's hundreds of other choices). Most of them are free and reliable. And then everybody can see the images when they're posted on forums.

Then we can move this right back to the Made with GameMaker forum.

EDIT: I see you've fixed the screenshots. So moving back to the Make with GameMaker forum.
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All of the screenshots link are changed. It should be visible to all browser now!