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Discussion speed

I found out that the speed in all directions is positive in itself and the variable speed reflects the speed modulus or its value, but only I have a function that changes the speed to the opposite, gradually adding to it with the help of motion_add a part of the speed with the opposite sign.
//simple example
speed *= -1;

// lil bit harder but you won't fill difference (i mean animation) because this is happenng too fast (any ideas, how to slow this ?)
var help_speed = -speed;
var time = 20;
var angle = 1 //power(-1, random(4)); (this is for rotation in different direction looks pretty wierd but i don't know how to choose between 1 and -1)
clamp(speed, -4, 4); (i don't think that you will need this, but let it stay here for a while)
for (var i = 0; i < time; i++)
    speed += help_speed * 2 / time;
    image_angle += angle * 180 / time;
And when I made the speed display, I saw that the speed of my object (speed) in any direction is greater than or equal to 0, but that function changes not only the direction of the speed, but also its sign, which is why the speed in one direction will be 4, and in the other -4. It's a little confusing for me, to be honest.
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