Spam is getting worse

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Is it me, or are the spam attacks getting worse? Seems even worse than I remember from the old forum.

Didn't the old forum have a "spam catcher" category (a first thread) that would capture this spam? That seems like it would at least help fight the distraction of this spam in this category. I understand it's more a bandage than a solution, but it may help until a solution can be found.

I'm no expert. Maybe others have ideas? I dunno - it's just unfortunate and I don't like seeing it in my favorite place. :(

(Now, I see the spam is even attacking the status update reader. )


It's not really necessary to report them all, just one from each spammer, and there's usually only one at a time. When the mods get the report, they aren't going to remove the reported posts, they're going to remove the spammer, which will delete all their posts at once.

But I agree, it's annoying having them flood the New Posts section.


A good way to combat spammers:
- Remove from the letter of the activation link in the activation confirmation, replacing it with manual input.


Probably they should make it you can only create a new post/status once every 30 mins. It will not completely fix the problem, but at least prevent the spam from flooding the site.


@Nocturne said he is looking into solutions.

I also sent him a message a while ago and pointed out that it's almost always Korean Hangul/Hangeul, and I wondered if it would be possible to simply prevent those kinds of characters from being in a post, as we're an English-based forum anyway, so I don't think anyone would mind. However, I don't know anything about forum software and I don't know if this is possible or if it brings up any other issues.


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Can I just repeat what I've said a few times already... The automated spam defenses are perfectly adequate against automated spam. However not all spam is automated and it's well known that spammers use real people to solve captchas and register on sites before unleashing a bot to post. There is very very little that can be done to automatically catch these types of accounts and all we can do is remove them when they happen.

I don't think anyone has seen any spam on the forum for more than a few minutes (maximum half an hour tops), so it's really not an issue and I don't understand why everyone is suddenly making a big deal out of it? This happened on the old forum but they only usually posted in off topic, whereas here it seems they have a thing for the community and other more prominent forums... but it doesn't matter as long as it is reported and ealt with promptly (which it is).

So, please stop making a big deal out of it, and please realise that we (the staff) do our best to combat it.
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