Free SpaceStation Defender - A space tower defence shooter.

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  1. Jorg Gjer

    Jorg Gjer Member

    Nov 8, 2017
    Hi all.

    Space Station Defender is a mix of space shooter and tower defence.
    Protect the base from incoming attackers by placing towers.
    I will still do updates on the game if you have any suggestions.
    The game can be found at


    For contact -
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  2. Jorg Gjer

    Jorg Gjer Member

    Nov 8, 2017
    I dont know if its ok to bump my own thread , but i would realy happy if i could see some players on the high score list. I would die for some feedback , even if it's negative.

    Some strategy tips:
    Allways focus on collecting gold.
    I feel you get better control of the ship by stearing with WASD than mouse, so be shure what you are selecting. Click on the infotext on menu screen to select.
    Upgrade your wepon should be first pri. Hold LMB to spam bullets. Spend your heatseaking(RMB) only in danger situations.
    Build towers to help you protect the base. You allready have a tower in your ship when you start. Press E to place it , at start in close distance to the base.
    Later deploy sweepers to help you collect the gold.
    When you feel you have good control , start upgrading the base magnet. The magnet will do a great job in collecting the gold.
    It's more efficent to repair towers then buy new. Drive up to them and mouse click on repair icon.
    In endgame , buy and spam nukes to fight of all incomming attackers.


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