HTML5 SpaceNight 2!


spacenight.png SpaceNight II

SpaceNight II it's a game that started as a joke with some friends but i kept updating it when it was "done".
BETA.png (not so proud of this "thing")

at the beginning it was only just a white arrow shooting at red arrows coming down, now it's a quite badass looking space bullet hell, with bosses, enemies that shoot at the player and kamikaze enemies.


there are also several upgrades that can be done like the maximum life at each play and quantity of minimum bullet you can have, reload time and the possibility to buy new drops from enemies.


There area several enemies in the game:

2 Kamikaze enemies, a fast one and a slower one

4 and more to come shooting enemies
they have a increasing ammount of life every boss wave and wills hoot at the player

3 and more to come bosses, they will come after the little bar at the right becomes red and are really tough and each of them has it's own attack pattern and move pattern

the game is also COMPLETELY FREE

play now at kongregate!
click here to play the game


Nice game. I like the screen shake. Definitely gets a bit intense! Lol. Would make a good phone game imo. Also like your intial screenshot above, I even posted dev videos on my youtube channel when making my last game, different coloured blocks everywhere!


Thanks Redpill i'm really glad you liked it!
i tried to export it to android, but i sincerely have no skills at all with android since i've never really tried to do anything with it, for sure someday i will have a go but for now i'll focus on a story mode that i'm currently working on.