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Space Rocks GML tutorial - Objects are invisible in room



I am somewhat new to coding and such so i started off by doing the space rocks tutorial. everything was going great and i was following everything step by step. But then when i needed to launch the game and see what my room looks like, i noticed that all of the objects in the room were invisible. I don't know if i did something on my end, or if this is just some sort of glitch, just need help figuring it out.
So far i only have a step event in my player with 3 keyboard_check lines, and then a couple image_angles to rotate my character.

I have already checked:
-if the objects are placed in the room [they are]
-If visible is checked [it is]
-If sprites and objects are linked together [they are]
-If my computer is blocking access [it isn't]

hope someone can help me :D


Did you leave the sprite editor open when you launched your game? Seems like there's a bug that makes all the sprites invisible if you do that.


Thanks for that, i tried it and it didn't seem to work. But later i moved my sprites from the sprite section, to timelines, and back to sprites and they all showed up. Weird right? So im not sure what fixed them, but somehow they showed back up. Thanks for you response anyway.