Demo Space Numbers


Hi there,

I just published a "Space Numbers", my first game under GSM2.

Space Numbers is a puzzle game about mental calculations, but in a deep space scifi environment, to add some fun and complexity. It will challenge your brain !

At low levels, it is suitable for young players to learn and train their addition/subtraction/multiplication/division tables.

But it can also be fun for older players, when it becomes more complex, with several operators at once, higher numbers, and lots of perturbations.

While resolving mental calculations, you will also have to deal with aliens, harvest blobs of Fluid, grab various bonuses, and work against the clock, so you'll need some concentration and reflexes.

A free demo is available, limited to few levels of different difficulties, and one player.

The full version includes many built-in levels, but also custom levels, that the player can tweak precisely.

The game is translated in English and French, but please be kind with my limited English ;)
I would be happy to have your feedback.

Anyway, feel free to post constructive criticisms, and any bug you can find.

It can be downloaded here as a ZIP :
and here:
or here :

Hope you'll like it.

Special thanks to all forum guys that helped me this last month to enter into GMS world, especially : @TsukaYuriko @Nocturne @kburkhart84 @FoxyOfJungle @Kezarus @gnysek @Nidoking @Tyg @Greenblizzard @Slow Fingers @TheouAegis @chamaeleon @GMWolf . This community is very helpful and "alive". I have a lot of fun with this GMS2 framework.


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