Windows Space Invaders Remake


predictably random
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Not bad. Space Invader clones are fairly common. But they are a great way to learn programming. And it's still fun to play them after all these years, and to see what slight variations people come up with.

This particular version is fairly basic, and pretty faithful to the original. The graphics and sounds are authentic -- but the colorized ships and projectiles add some modernity. I like that.

The only aspect I felt was lacking was the shooting speed. There's a fairly long delay between allowed shots. And the shots / missiles move very slowly. On the other hand, that makes timing a fun challenge and adds some gameplay elements not seen in the original. Still... I'd prefer a slight speed increase in both the shooting and the enemy bomb drops.

But overall, nice job on this.


Thanks for the positive feedback.
I updated it, you can now press E and will unlock mega-mode shooting!