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Steam Space Ashes [Windows]

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Now on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/939540/Space_Ashes/
Available October 8th. Can be added to your whishlist.

This is the current project i'm working on: Space Ashes.
Download DEMO: Space_Ashes_DEMO.zip
You can play 6 levels. Using keyboard or gamepad.
Game's page: http://www.naztail.com/spaceashes
Devlog: http://www.naztail.com/spaceashes/spaceashes_devblog.txt

Space Ashes is a slow paced arcade game where you control a ship sent on space stations to burn swarming forms of vegetation. Defy gravity in 20 nonlinear levels, explore to find secrets and defeat bosses.

Shut down the air system, turn off the lights and burn them all!

But beware, those life forms can become aggressive...

A not so easy game with a relaxing ambiance.

Available October 2018

Feel free to play, comment and share! :)


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I tried it out, and it's a great start! I love games like this, so I'm excited to see how it develops.

  • The controls feel good; I didn't feel like I was juggling too much keeping the ship in position while burning the plants.
  • The graphics look great for an alpha stage - the art style works well
  • It may be just me being dumb, but I didn't realize that you start at an airlock and that that's where you should return to at first. Maybe the get out message or a tutorial box should indicate where you go to get out.
  • Turning the lights out makes sense, but it's a little hard to see to navigate. This might reduce the relaxation factor, especially if plants visibly grow back while the lights are on, causing the player to re-clear them.
  • The HUD is a little confusing. I figured out what A, L, V mean, and I'm pretty sure that H is health, and I can see the scrap, but some of the others aren't easily interpreted.
  • I like how you have yellow wires going from the switch to apparatus, so there's no guessing which does what. Clear, but leaves a foundation for puzzles, too.
I really like it! I'm curious, did you code your own physics or are you using built-in physics? If it's you own, it's very well done.


For now i'm using the built-in variable of GM: gravity, motion_add, direction hspeed and vspeed. I want to use my own variables/system but had hard time to recreate a good motion_add effect. So for now I keep using them until I feel to change. (As long as it feels good to move that ship around, i'm good)
You bet right for the wires. At some point you'll have to flip the correct switch.
And for the lights...You don't have to turn it off as soon as you find them. ;)


27 October 2016 Space Ashes - Alpha 0.2
-Tutorial looks better and it's more dynamic
-New name! - Space Ashes

-Cleaner code. :)

-Animated door entry and exit
-New GUI look.
-Fullscreen and music options
-Save system implemented
-Level restart when dying
-Fire and ashes particles
-2 levels (for a total of 5)


Just tried the new version, you're making good progress. Here's a couple of observations:

  • The controls are so responsive, it almost makes it too hard to get fine control when you need it, such as when navigating through narrow passages or burning plants in corners.
  • The bombs seem underwhelming right now - they should at least destroy two blocks of vegetation, or have an even wider area of effect.
Keep up the good work!


Whoooooa! After a long time here is the Alpha 0.3.
Screenshot and download link updated!

29 May 2017 Space Ashes - Alpha 0.3
-Ported Space Ashes to GMS2 (It is awesome!!!)
-Modified a couple of tiles
-Remove upgrades: speed, rotation and thrust. Only Hull can be improved.
-Grabber sounds
-Bombs area of effect is better and a little bit bigger.
-Testing new sprite for player

-Vine spread when falling creates floating vines
-Fire collision bbox changed to precise
-Reading surface's pixel from buffer...OMG!
-Display moving button when pausing the game and set to fullscreen.
-Lights and Ventilation prevent spreading and growing when turned back to ON.

-Camera shake
-Sprites animations
-Door/Switch/Fan sprites
-Vine falling
-Spores emit light
-Layer with shadows to add depth
-Game's title on main menu desintegrate pixel by pixel
-Level 6(with a bigger enemy...)
-A custom Easing engine.



18 November 2017 Space Ashes - Alpha 0.4
-Tiles color
-Controls help menu
-Musik controller(2 songs)
-Updated controls picture
-Changed tutorial text
-When completed demo, levels won't reset
-Added a couple of "Hull parts" pick-up
-Demo will be from level 1 to 6

-When new update/release, game will resets saves

-Warning stripes on platform
-New enemies(Snaper, spiter, elbow, vizi, baller)(not in demo)
-Levels(7-8)(not in demo)
-Teleporter(not in demo)
-Playground(A testing room)(not in demo)
-Pathfinding script(not in demo)
-New song
-Panic button! (Slows speed and cuts gravity for 10 seconds. Cost 5 scraps)

Download link updated.


Little bump. Feedback are still welcome. 6 levels on the demo. Here is a new screenshot of things I added. 90% of content are done. Need to design 2 bosses and build 8-10 more levels.


On a side note, designing levels are a very hard job. When you want to create a good gaming experience with a nice difficulty curve. Introduce new challenges without breaking the player's fun. I like it! ;)


This looks cool, NazGhuL! I've been skimming thru the WIPs here tonite and commenting on compelling projects. I'm gonna have to try this one out, too. I'll be back with some comments, but it may be several days before I do.


Great game for the most part. Can't get passed the first area. Can't stop dying after landing without 20 minutes of thrust control.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I burned the trees and turned on the fan and turned off the lights got nowhere


You have to shut down the space stations and clear it all.

Turn OFF the lights.
Turn OFF the fan.
Burn all living things.
Thx for trying. :)


I gave the game a try on my lunch break, just now. Only played through the first level a couple of times. Very nice atmosphere to the game! Graphics are nice, too. I could stand to be able to zoom in a bit and see things a little better. And the game seems really difficult, but I've only played it for 5 minutes, maybe less. lol I imagine I'll get better with more time. However, just as a suggestion, you might make the first levels a bit more forgiving (or just easier) for new players, as not to discourage them. Anyway, really cool and nice work so far. I'll be playing this one some more for sure. (I always loved lunar lander! :) )


Maybe it's just me, but the ship feels like it weighs a ton and the bomb was a bit underwhelming. Aside from that, everything seems pretty good from what I've played.


Got through the demo in about 1 hour. Pretty fun and ship control felt ok to me. I'm not a fan of using the number keys just because they're not as accessable as say Z, X, C or SPACE, but I'm guessing they'll be configurable in the future?

The first five levels were a breeze, although it felt like each one was getting progressively harder, so nice work on that. My only death on levels 1-5 was on Level 4, just from carelessness. I was getting more comfortable with the controls as the levels progressed.

Level 6, though.. that one gave me some trouble. After seeing the big monster thing, my strategy was to defeat it first, and worry about the vegetation afterwards. I quickly realized you have to collect all the scraps first so you could destroy the top tentacles on the monter. I also avoided going directly through the bottom horizontal section, just so I could avoid getting hit by that single tentacle.

I do wish there was a restart button for those times when you make an error early in the level. I found myself purposely killing myself on level 6 about 4-5 times just so I could have perfect health against the monster thingy.

On the very first tutorial, it'd be nice if the text was up by the HUD instead of in the center of the screen (I didn't even notice the pointy arrow the first time).

Also, have you considered centering the HUD, so the player doesn't have to move his eyes too far from the action when viewing the HUD? I'm looking at your screenshots now, and noticing that the HUD is much closer to the action there. Here's how it looks like for me (1920x1080 resolution, screenshot scaled down by 50% to reduce filesize):



Thx for the comments guys. I'm currently working on the levels creation. I'm on level 16 and I'm planning to reach 20 or 25. It's a more difficult task than I expected.

And the game seems really difficult
Yes it is. It's a game where the player will have to move around carefully, slowly. The max hitpoint were raised from 6 to 8.

you might make the first levels a bit more forgiving (or just easier) for new players
I will for sure. The tutorial section will be tweak a little bit too.

Maybe it's just me, but the ship feels like it weighs a ton
I tested a lot of possibilities about the 'physics' of the ship. Faster, slower, gravity, etc... It's not meant to be realistic. It's hard to go up, trickier to go down. In delicate situations, press the anti-gravity button.

the bomb was a bit underwhelming
It can kills 3 or 4 squares in a single shot. That's not bad...no? :)

I'm not a fan of using the number keys just because they're not as accessable as say Z, X, C or SPACE, but I'm guessing they'll be configurable in the future?
Final keys should be Z X C, not 1 2 3. But gamepad is a better option in my opinion. :D

I do wish there was a restart button
So do I! Never thought of that! lol.

Also, have you considered centering the HUD, so the player doesn't have to move his eyes too far from the action when viewing the HUD? I'm looking at your screenshots now, and noticing that the HUD is much closer to the action there. Here's how it looks like for me (1920x1080 resolution, screenshot scaled down by 50% to reduce filesize):
For what I see, there is a problem. At that resolution, you should have a double-sized tiles. I'll revise my fullscreen script.

Thx again!

Here is a picture of a couple of levels:

And a quick screenshot of the BIG level 15:


Working on the last level. Here is a part of the last boss.
Textured bezier curve with sprite on it with different shade to give a depth effect. I'm moving 2 parts of the curve with easing.
Pretty happy with the (not final) result.
(Have to say that the textured part is under the leaves, we can't see it well on the gif)

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This is my updated devlog. A new Demo will be released real soon. It will be final.

Date TBD 2018 Space Ashes - Alpha 0.5
-Windy Hook now turn when touch by the player(90 degrees)
-New names for 'enemies'.
-Door stays open when unlocked by switches and close when locked.

-Screen shake managed by player.(code!)
-Fx particles not clearing correctly (because obj_fx was deactivated...)
-Door being activated by some dynamics object. (Only player can trigger a door(not the switches...).
-Light spitter light offsets.
-Spitter small sparks pic and snd.
-Overlaping sounds to prevent sound peeks.
-Flamer ini.
-Lights not working on some instance(spore)
-Bloody Berry particles not going down
-Fullscreen option(Game has a fixed size of 960x540, can be double, triple, etc...)
-Laser sound not working correctly
-Backgrounds parallax
-Level selection wrapping

-Pink smoke
-Animation on Liana and vine growing
-Mushrooms, Flowers, Lasers, Float Balls that follows
-Sound on flamers
-Level 9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20
-Engine jam.
-Max Life Point is now 8.
-'Chest' to unlock bonuses.
-Hud text for upgrade
-Artefacts to collect.
-Door shadows
-Hidden Rooms
-Blue vines (jam player and freeze switches)
-Boss 2 and final Boss.


New DEMO released, First post updated.

Demo: http://www.naztail.com/games/spaceashes/demo/Space_Ashes_DEMO.zip
Game's page: http://www.naztail.com/game_spaceashes.html
Devlog: http://www.naztail.com/games/spaceashes/gravitx_devblog.txt

The biggest differences for those who have already played the game is:
-Ship feels lighter
-More Healing parts
-Speed for collision damage are slightly reduced.
-1 hidden area (would you find it?)
-A free area when at the end of the demo.
-Fullscreen should feels better. (960x540, can be doubled, tripled, etc...) Should fix @signal issue.

Play, comment and share at will!


Fixing a Design Flaw
While testing Space Ashes, I realized that a player can underuse bombs to keep them for greater challenges. That's not bad, but it leads him to use the flamethrower to burn things on the ground. Technically, it's ok to do it, but as the game progress, it becomes a long and boring task, just to save bombs. This is a design flaw, unintentionally created. I need to fix this!



I'm working on music, sfx and did a lot of play test. 20 levels are completed, the final boss works as desired. Here is a screen of my workbench:
I'm in love with Reaper, Audacity and the other one is ...what's the name... huh... :D



Space Ashes Beta. Yep, now leaving alpha stage. It's 95% done. Will upload to itchio first and find a couple of beta tester.
My current devlog:


DTBD 2018 Space Ashes - Beta 0.6
-How music is played(intro, lvl, boss)
-Poleniux neck
-Doors can crush player to death.
-Bombs cost 5 scraps instead of 10
-Crayplant's spore travel slowly when no air
-Spitters spit half the spore when so air
-Mycomund moves slower when no air
-Flowers spread toxic gas
-Better growing code for the overwhelming vine
-Door open/close by half the time. (improves replay speed)

-Songs control on different level(automatic)
-Sound on door(open and close)
-Musik player on/off not working correctly
-Vines massive FPS drop when burning and falling
-Bomb explode on lasers

-4 songs (Main theme by me)
-Boss 1 & 2 death animation
-SFX detector
-PDA to display enemies properties
-Carousel of artefacts in the main menu



Thx! I tried to create a game where you can play the level in different ways. Combining a slow paced gameplay with a touch or arcade.
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