GMS 2 [SOVLED] Sprite Depth: Stretching to Layers or to Objects

I need to draw a sprite at a specific depth in order to fit between layers, but I also need it stretched to double its current size.

Option 1: Create a second sprite which is double its size, move it to an object, and draw it at depth. There are many sprites and this seems horribly tedious.

Option 2: Stretch the sprite and then draw it to a layer which lives between the two layers that it needs to. How can I both stretch the sprite (draw_sprite_stretched) AND send it to a layer (layer_sprite_create) ?

Option 3: Stretch the sprite within the object and then use that with create_instance_depth. How can I form an object with a sprite which is stretched?

Any other options are welcome. Thanks!
This is solved. To clarify for any readers to stumble upon this, the solution used option 3. The text above falls in the draw command of the object and then the instance of the object is created. Thanks.