Steam Southern cross Battle force(This is my second game)


In 2077, a small-scale war was fought in the Federal Republic of Ogar. Three months later, the war ended with an armistice agreement proposed by the Southern Cross Alliance led by EAU and SAU. However, the armistice agreement did not solve any problems. On the contrary, it caused earth-shaking changes in the world structure. All alliances gradually began to fall apart. The former allies became enemies. Because of the inequality of the armistice agreement, successive armed conflicts began to erupt in some areas. Five months later, the fighting Fox, led by Miguel, launched a sudden onslaught, defeating the headquarters of EAU and advancing towards the Southern Cross at the same time.

This is a horizontal retro arcade-style STG shooting game. Players need to control fighters to defeat the ultimate villain FightFox and rescue EAU and the Southern Cross Union headquarters.

There are a total of four fighters for players to choose from in the game, and each fighter has its own exclusive capabilities.

There are also four general skills in the game that are triggered by accumulating experience, respectively acceleration, reduction, shield and shadow. Experience is gained by destroying enemy aircraft.

Players need to control four fighters and skillfully use exclusive and general capabilities to defeat enemy aircraft and BOSS.

If you interested you can try it from: Steam

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