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GMS 2.3+ Source Control (Git) For Small Teams


A few weeks ago, some friends and I were working on a project for a game jam. We set up a repository on Github. However, the further into the project we got the more conflicts we were running into, specifically with the .yyp file. For instance, two people on the team were adding assets at the same time, and when we attempted to merge the files, we got a ton of conflicts from the .yyp file in relation to the asset lists being different. However, it's virtually impossible to know what to change in the mess that is the .yyp code. Is there a specific way we're supposed to set up GMS2 and a Source Control in order to work efficiently as a small team. Essentially, we're resorting to only allowing one person to work on Game Maker at a time and only ever adding more after someone else has finished and merged all their respective changes.


King of Raccoons
you should have them sent as pull requests then evaluated and then merged to the main branch