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HTML5 Sounds not stopping in Safari on iPhone


Hi there, I've made a small demo game but have a problem getting the sounds to stop in Safari on an iPhone.

I have an array of sounds and other things in my game object:

current_st = 0
soundtracks = [snd_track1, snd_track2, snd_track3, snd_track4, snd_track5, snd_track6]
current_sound = noone
And I change tunes with the following on room start:

function change_tune() {
    if (current_sound != noone) {
    current_sound = audio_play_sound(soundtracks[current_st], 1, true)
    current_st = current_st < array_length(soundtracks) ? current_st : 0
I originally just had audio_stop_all, but also tried to use audio_stop_sound but neither stop the sounds in Safari.
It just continues to play each track over the top of the previous so you get a cacophony of multiple tunes all playing at once.

It's fine if I build the game for desktop and in other browsers on my PC and Android phone, but not Safari on an iPhone.

Here's the game on itch.io:

It's retricted until I fix this issue, you'll need the password safari to access the page.

Any advice greatly appreciated!


I started the game on iPhone safari. Didn't notice anything with the sound. It controls like poop so I didn't play much. Guessing I need to trigger a room change to possibly see/hear the issue? Does hitting 'restart' supposed to demonstrate the problem?

-- Tap controls make [copy paste] bubble come up and gets in the way of the screen

If you want someone to help confirm and troubleshoot, maybe make a simple test app that demonstrates the issue instead of your full game. Will most likely help you fix the issue quicker.
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Thanks for looking, restart should demonstrate the problem. By the way, you can skip levels with 'n'.

Interesting, didn't see the copy paste issue on either mobile I tried, will investigate that too.


I have an iPhone XR and iOS 14.4.2.

When trying to control, the Copy|Paste pops up like it does if you hold you finger on text for a second.

The controls in general seemed to be off. Pressing left side or right side of screen seemed to make the ship move in random directions.

I hit the restart button a bunch, but honestly didnt hear any thing strange. Would think it would sound delays/echo/layered from what you described