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SOLVED Sound plays multiple times in HTML5 export


When I export the game to HTML5, a sound seems to get "corrupt" so that it plays two or three times, even though it should only play once.

No errors in the console.

The problem only occurs when the actual HTML5 build is uploaded on the server and accessed by a web browser. If I start the game from within Gamemaker (debug mode or not) it does not happen.

The problematic sound varies from build to build unpredictably. Sometimes I get lucky and no sound has this problem.

Does anyone have an idea as to the causes or fixes of this?

Thank you!


Your host may have a caching problem. Try testing with private browsing on to see it from a fresh visitor's point of view, and use the Network tab in your browser's developer's tools to check what is coming in.

And just in case it's a problem with the exported product, also try your game on a local server such as MiniWeb.


I solved it. Turns out the problem was caused in the process of unpacking the zip folder into a normal folder. (An unpacked sound file would literally become longer. E. g. a 0.5 second "Hey!" would become a 1.5 second "Heyheyhey!" The funniest glitch I've ever seen.)