Audio Sound Effects


I am starting to work on sound design for my medieval, turn-based RPG and I wanted to ask you if there are any free/affordable sfx libraries you could recommend for me.
Also do you have any general advice regarding creating compelling and coherent sound design?
Any thoughts appreciated.


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GMC Elder
There's a site called that has plenty of free sounds (who could've guessed!), just make sure to check the licenses of the stuff you download (e.g. if you absolutely don't want to write a proper credits screen, only use CC0 stuff, if you wanna sell your game avoid noncommercial-licensed stuff, etc).

Sound design tips:
  • add a bit of random pitch shift to repetitive sounds like sword swings to make them sound less repetitive
  • add sounds for EVERYTHING that has gameplay purposes to add aural feedback, effects and ambience are less important
  • make sure your sounds loop properly
  • make sure no sounds are too loud, if a sound is likely to be played a lot at once (e.g. "bullet hits wall", or "aoe attack hits targets") it should be lower than normal.
  • playing multiple sounds at once produces a more unique sound, most real sounds consist of more than one thing making noises at once