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Question - IDE Sorting resources is painful and wastes a lot of time. Is it just me?


Hello there,

I bought GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop last year but haven't used it until now, since we decided to invest in the mobile module.

I am trying to sort my resources and it seems the IDE does not allow me to, and constantly notifies me of "changed files" while I do that.

I wanted to ask is it me only that have this problem, because if I read correctly, the IDE should have the features I am trying to use...?

Basically I am trying to drag and drop my resources and folders. However, this does not work when I try to drop a resource on top of the last 1-2 resources. It just moves it back to the previous folder, sometimes even two folders behind?

I do not know if I am allowed to post links to videos, but here is the problem I am having basically. This just wastes a lot of time and is extremely frustrating when you are in a hurry.