Beta Sons of Camelot: Arthur & Merlin


This my second Android game. A Cabal-like game (most inspired in "Blood Bross").
That means arcade game. Fast fun, just plug-and-play :D
There are 6 screens, 2 big bosses, lot of enemies to defeat.

Choose between Arthur and Merlin to defeat the Death and bring back the Princess.


Pad : Move player (left/right) and also move the gunsight (up/down/left/rigth)
Fire: Just this. But if you press Joy+Fire, it will move only the gunsight, while firing.
Magic: Use 1 magic potion to defeat all enemies in the screen.
Roll: While pressing Joy, makes player escape left/right.

Take coins to buy some nice things in the shop (after every screen).
Take magic potions to avoid losing magic powers!

I would like to have a little feedback.
Do you like game?
Did you find any bugs?
Any suggestion?
Is music/effects to loud?

Captura2.JPG Captura3.JPG

  • Game title will change to "Arturo & Merlin" if you have spanish (es-es) in your mobile phone. Thanks to check if this is working ;)
  • The game has "fake" ads, still not make ads programming so I put a link to another game made by me some time ago ("Little fishes", you can find in Play Store).

APK download
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Made separate blogs for english and spanish speakers.
Added new post about how to generate and use fonts.
Also explain how to create phrases (bitmaps), if you don't want to mess with fonts and just use sprites-phrases.

Made some progress in game, added credits and fixed some bugs. Will post new apk soon.

EDIT: 'Sons of Camelot' is already in Google Play store (link)
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