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Question - Code Some Spine Attachments not displaying in GMS2 after 3.8 to 3.7 rollback


I am an artist / animator exporting the Spine files for my programmer partner. Most of my animations seem to work fine, but one of my animations is causing a strange and inconsistent result in GMS2. 18 of the attachments, which all have similar behavior (expands out based on the parented bone, opacity goes from 100-0%) are not displayed in GMS2. I made sure I keyed the Attachments as "on" in the first frame on the Spine Editor, but it still doesn't work.

What's more confusing is that I created a test animation and that animation showed the attachments in GMS2. I am stuck determining which one of us made an error, if we did.

The Editor version I used is Spine 3.7.94 Professional. Programmer is using GMS2 Windows ver.

*I cannot show the animation for a specific reason*
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I somehow fixed the issue and isolated the problem back to me with the Editor. I explained what I believe is the issue here: http://esotericsoftware.com/forum/Strange-Attachment-Behavior-in-GMS2-13199?p=58479#p58479
Your update / edit to the post on the Spine forums is more than likely correct, you probably should have mentioned that you did a rollback from 3.8 > 3.7 in your OP too as that would have been the first thing I suggested to check.

GMS has always been quite finnicky about Spine .json version support and using a different version than recommended or rolling back projects from later versions has caused weird issues in the past with others who have contacted me on Discord and via PM, even when the skeleton appears to work fine at first glance.

Glad you found the issue.


Another update. After playing around with another rollbacked 3.7 file, the Clipping Mask still seems to be bugged. The Clipping Mask still affects the Slots above it even when I defined the End Slot in the Editor. I even deleted and created a new Clipping Mask and duplicated the old animation's keys to a new animation, but the same problem exists when I implemented to GMS2. It seems as if the Clipping Mask is permanently bugged in the rollback files.

Another strange behavior I observed is that the Clipping Mask somehow acts correctly at the moment an Attachment Key is reached in the animation.


Short of comparing the 3.7 and 3.8 .json files, it's hard to know what is actually happening during the rollback process, and not surprising that there may be issues.

To test if it's a GMS2 problem try loading up the clipping mask example that comes with Spine (Spineboy jumping through the vortex) and see if that works.
It did when I tested it a few version of GMS2 ago but it's possible it may have broken in an update.

If that works fine, then try and recreate your issue in a small example project that is made in 3.7.94 and not rolled back from 3.8.

If that works then you've narrowed the issue down to the rollback process and can either compare the .json files for differences or depending on how far along your skeletons are rebuild them using 3.7.94 from the start.

If it doesn't work and you can reproduce the error in the small example project, then file a bug and attach the project files (for both GMS2 and Spine) showing the issue so YYG can take a look at what the problem might be.