Idea Some Q to help me develop .



Hello , I'm a new user here on gmc , i did played with gms for a month and now i feel kinda ready to start and develop a game .
But i have some questions for you , to see what others like cause i won't be the only person who will play the game :)

The type of game : 2D hack and slash side scrooling rpg game .

The graphics would be something similar to this photo .
So , now lets get started with some questions :D

Q1 : Would you prefer to upgrade manually the stats after each level or to be automatically ?

Q2 : Being able to use only 4 skills in combat , and in town to change skills that can be used in combat is a good idea ?

Q3 : Making large maps for the game to feel more open will impact the fps or performance of the game ?

Q4 : Enemies being more smart and being able to block and make some combos , do you like this ?

Q5 : Quality > quantity or quantity > quality ?

Q6 : What coop ? 2 players same pc or server based ? Also ... 2 players coop or up to 4 players ?

Q7 : Upon death , what should happen ? Respawn imediatly or turn into ghost and go to a respawn shirine . (For coop you can be revived , if all players are dead , insta teleport at a shirine )

Q8 : Is it better to release the game early and add more stuffs later ?

Q9 : If i can , should i release it to ps , xbox and android too ?

Q10 : Should player be able to change chars during mid game or need to start a new game ?

Q11 : Is it a good idea to make a test room to see every class skills ? (For the player , so that they know what skills and combos every class have . Or maybe a little inteo of all chars ?)

Q12 : Colectibles cards with cg's and some achievements are good or not ?

Q13 : I do realise that there would be hackers ... what options do i have to combat them ? Or should i just don't do anything against them ? I think that a real gamer will play to enjoy not to 1 hit win and have tons of money .

Q14 : What resolution should i use ? 720p seems a little big for the first game .

Q15 : Should there be pets who only folow you all the game ? (They just follow you , and maybe look cool)

Q16 : Gamepad suport whould you like this ?

Q17 : free to play with buy to play ?
F2p means no free dlc or other stufs .
B2p means free dlc and expansions .

Q18 : A donate button into option or help menu , will this make you donate at least 1$ if game is good and you enjoy it ?

Q19 : Releasing alpha and beta demo's are a good idea to make the games popularity to rise ?

Q20 : how to combat cracking ?

Q21 : Bgm should be 8 bit or normal music like dubstep or something that will fit the gameplay ?

Q22 : If things go really good , should there be an options for players to pay real money so that theyr concept for class or enemy reach in game ? (Also really expansive xD and only when game is almost finished . Also theyr idea will be evaluated then they will be charged )

Q23 : Game should be release on steam ? Or where ?

Also sry for my english ...
For now plans are like this : 1 class 5 enemies 1 boss 2-4 maps .
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Q1 : manually cause it gives the player control on his character
Q2 : yes, it can bring depth to the combat system
Q3 : it depends
Q4 : good if done well (not like the stance based system in zelda skyward sword)
Q5 : quality and quantity is the best but you don't have to make a 350 h+ story line to make the game complete.
Q6 : 4 player coop online and local (but focus in the core gameplay first)
Q7 : It depends on the difficulty, if you can die many times make a quick respawn. If it's easy and you can't die that easily, make a respawn with a "meaningfull" death animation (make the player realize he screwed up like in dark souls)
Q8 : don't focus on that for now.
Q9 : don't focus on that for now.
Q10 : change char during mid game is cool but only if your player is a party of character.
Q11 : yes.
Q12 : nah
Q13 : "breaking" the game make it more fun for people, it bring a second life to the game like seeing what could happen if I changed this into that ect...
Q14 : it depends on your artstyle
Q15 : since that doesn't hurt the game mechanics yes.
Q16 : yes.
Q17 : buy to play with free updates.
Q18 : no
Q19 : depends on the quality of the demo.
Q20 : don't understand
Q21 : do what you want
Q22 : no
Q23 : don't focus on that for now.


Q20 was about people pirateing it .

Well , thank you for your reply <3

If more people want to reply please feel free i really want to read what you like or think about this .
And about the dificulty of the game ... there wont be a way to chose easy normal or hard .
Only 1 dificulty , and when in coop enemies get stronger . This is a late mechanic , maybe it will be changed .


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  1. Manually. I really like how Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds does it, where you get skill points you can spend either in the skill tree (to unlock new combos, special moves and so on) or at upgrading your stats.
  2. I kinda like this idea since it means more strategy is involved.
  3. The size of the room has a very little impact on the game speed. The number of active objects at a time has, though. Make sure you at least deactivate things outside the view to keep the performance up.
  4. Pretty much a requirement to keep the game fun. I also really like when bosses have the same powers as playable characters... again, check out how PBBG does this (all bosses are unlockable characters, and they play just like you'd play them).
  5. Quantity is better than polish, IMO. Games like this easily gets grindy, and if you keep it varied it at least don't FEEL like you're grinding.
  6. I'd say up to 4 people locally. It's really tricky to get online multiplayer going, and I'd go with a set-up-server,have-friends-connect-to-it approach like, say, the Touhou fighting games does. AKA you don't have an online service server, you set up your own server and tell your friends to connect to it.
  7. Your choice. I think players that die should just collapse on the ground, but other players can revive them at a sliver of health if they get over there and do some quick-time events, like in Castle Crashers. If players has to wait for ages before they can rejoin, you're losing the appeal of co-op.
  8. You can build up more hype if you release it in early access as well as get more testing done, just don't release it TOO early.
  9. That's a big if.
  10. Define a 'game' in this context.
  11. For the player or for the dev?
  12. Players kinda expect them, at least on Steam, and it's not that much work either.
  13. Don't do anything. I personally enjoy modding/breaking games once I've gotten bored at playing them normally, and it's hard to find a foolproof way to prevent it.
  14. Depends on what art you can produce.
  15. Your choice.
  16. Yep, and anything with local coop absolutely needs gamepad support to work.
  17. Your choice.
  18. Not sure if putting it in the Options menu is the best place for it.
  19. See A#8.
  20. Don't, DRM only inconveniences legit users.
  21. Absolutely make it fit with the gameplay. What sort of question is that?
  22. If you think you can handle it. Make sure you build the game around being able to add in classes easily, and make sure to have some sort of limiter to the number of applications you receive.
  23. Your choice.


Ok i edited some of the questions .
Thak you too for answering to those questions :3


  1. Depends. If the game has character classes (soldier, mage, thief, sage, healer, etc.) and I can choose what I become, I'd surely go with choosing certain stats to upgrade. If the game limits you to a certain class then there is no reason to allow the player to do so.
  2. I would hate going to a town to choose what skills I can use in combat. The best idea is to allow them to be changed anywhere. (except during combat "perhaps")
  3. Depends on how you program but due to the way GM:S handles large rooms, diving the map into multiple rooms would be a better idea.
  4. I don't mind enemies being "smarter". But enemies which are completely random and impossible to take down is not something I'd appreciate.
  5. Quality > quantity for sure. But there are some exceptions.
  6. Depends on the game.
  7. Your choice. Personally I won't appreciate an permanent-death for a RPG. You should get teleported to the last save point or the last checkpoint. As for other genres, I'd not mind a Game Over upon death, but it should have at least some restart-the-same-level-or-from-the-last-checkpoint opportunity.
  8. Yes. It is surely better to release the game in its making stage and keep on working on it along with getting feedback from others. This way you know what your audience wants. And the audience is not disappointed by things that only you like.
  9. Sure. Those platforms are growing rapidly in the gaming industry.
  10. I would suggest the latter. Changing your main character mid-game does not make sense unless they are a shapeshifter.
  11. Sure.
  12. Sure.
  13. No matter how hard you try, no software is absolutely safe, so I'd suggest not thinking about it too much and make the game as safe as possible for a regular player.
  14. Depends on the game and its art style and stuff.
  15. To some extent. They can be quite annoying at times. Maybe give them a job of a healer? Or probably limit them to a region.
  16. Sure.
  17. Depends on the quality of the game. Contacting your audience would be a great help.
  18. Sure. But it shouldn't be more catchy than rest of the components. It may feel weird.
  19. Yes.
  20. ...
  21. Make it fit to the gameplay, that is it.
  22. ...
  23. Your choice.


^ thx for feed back , now i kinda have an idea of what some players like :D
Classes will be diferent one by another , and some of them can be buided how you want , atk speed or dmg , etc .


Q1 : Manual upgrade. People loved Diablo 2 because you could put your points into any skill you wanted :D

Q2 : Works well in Diablo 3 although I would change it so you can change skills out of combat rather than in town. Out of combat for most games I have played is approx 5 seconds.

Q3 : If you have game maker studio and YYC compiler I think it should be fine. Dont forget you can only see what will be in your viewport at the time. Modern PC's these days have 4+ GB of ram so you wont touch the sides of that with GMS unless you have a memory leak.

Q4 : Good AI always makes a game better. Good AI is hard to program :D

Q5 : Depends on your time. Quality > quantity :D

Q6 : 2 Player Coop is good. 4 can get a bit hecktic although Diablo 3 on consoles did a good job of that.

Q7 : Revive back in town. Death penalty. Hardcore mode 1 death?

Q8 : My game will be released when it is finished. Depends on how much time you have. It has taken 3 years so far to make my game and I havent finished yet :D

Q9 : PC is easiest. Android is pretty straight forward. iOS is a pain to get compiled (you need a MAC running Xcode). Xbox and PS4 will require some jumping though hoops with MS and Sony first.

Q10 : Most RPGS require you to start a new game unless its something like Baulders gates, Dragon Age etc.

Q11 : Depends what your age/game demographic will be. Most people can figure things out. I feel there is too much hand holding in games these days. Just let me get on with it :D

Q12 : Id get your game finished first before you consider all of this. RPG's take time :D

Q13 : No need to worry about hackers unless you are making multiplayer of the internet. Then you got a lot of network coding to do. Who will be hosting your game server wise etc? If its just single player + coop no need to worry about that. Most single player games have cheats built in for fun.

Q14 : As it is 2D I recommend 1080p as that is the most common resolution of Monitor and TV at the moment. Phones are another matter but id still go with that resolution.

Q15 : Check out Torchlight. They did pets very well

Q16 : If you want it on consoles you have no choice but to do a gamepad. Id say any type of platform slasher needs game pad support.

Q17 : I am fed up of in app purchases these days (which end up costing more than buying it) My game will be a cheap 1 off payment.

Q18 : No buy to play :D

Q19 : Possibly but can have a detrimental effect. Hype too early. People think its rubbish and wont look at it again. Id test it on a few friends and family unless you have the marketing prowess of Blizzard :D

Q20 : I know a lot of cracking websites. The way I will counter is is by the following:
1. Not ripping people off on the price of my game. If they think its a fair price they should hopefully buy it :)
2. If I find it on the cracking websites I will create a demo and put it out there into the wild with the rest of the cracked versions so hopefully it will dilute them and people end up playing a demo :)
3. DRM but that costs and is a pain and most of the time games get cracked anyway.

Q21 : Music is the last part of the game I still have to make. If you are not music its pretty hard to do. Depends how good you are really. I am going to use Fruity Loops Studio for my sound effects and music. Bought the full version on a sale a while back.

Q22 : Only things like that I have seen are on kickstarters higher tiers.

Q23 : Steam has 100 million users. If its going on the PC you would be silly not to consider it. However you will have to pay a 1 off developers licence (Ā£70 when I bought it 3 years ago) and you will have to get your game Greenlight (which can be a pain)
I will also be using which has its own steam like client.

Hope this helps :D