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 Some Initial Recommendations


Bayden Woodland

Hello all, first time posting on the forum, just installed GMS2 and really liking it so far. Although I do have a few recommendations (two, really really minor ones, not trying to complain here! I am loving the product)

Firstly: was using it to teach a friend using the D&D features. Noticed that the keyboard events are listed as "key down, key pressed, and key up". I recall that in GMS1 "key up" was called "key release(d)" (or at least it was in the GML). My friend was very confused because they wanted to think of "key down" and "key up" as opposite, or at least similar events, with "key pressed" being the odd one out. Of course, it's all semantics, but they raised an interesting point. Perhaps just to make it clear, "key down" as a D&D even should be renamed to "key release".

Secondly: I work primarily from a laptop (LOVE THE LAPTOP MODE!), but noticed that because of the size of my screen/resolution that a few of the workspace windows were a bit too big for the workspace. Particularly the code editor (couldn't read the text at the bottom which breaks down the items in parenthesis after a script name). Now it's very easy to zoom out or scroll down, but I couldn't find anywhere to alter the starting size of the editor, so when I opened it, it would be small enough to fit on my screen. Why not zoom out? Well I find that the text gets a bit blurry when zooming out (dissimilar to my favourite word processors, which maybe render differently?). Anyhow, if there were a way to alter that initial window size I would be happy (as I believe there was a way to change font size in GMS1 I'm assuming I can do so in GMS2).

That's all! If you have any other notes on or ideas about these tiny things I would love to hear. Very excited about this new IDE!!


aka fel666
You are not the first to complain about the workspace system.
Many people have been reporting it to be quite terrible on smaller monitors.
And just as many have indicated that a more traditional approach would work better on smaller and larger screens alike.

At first YYG just told us to get used to it. But now as the number of posts on the matter increase, I haven't seen to many responses from YYG. Not too sure what they are thinking now.