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 Some improvement Ideas to GMS:2



Hey Guys,
so i am working at Game Maker Studio 2 for some days now and at this time some ideas and thoughts came up, how GMS could be improved and be more efficient.

Color up things!
All of your Resources can be colored up with an Color, for example important Objects, Tile Sets, Scripts.
After your gave an Object an Color, and you are working in your Room or in your Workspace, the windows which are all grey for normal, are filled up with a light backround color.
Example how Resources can look like. http://imgur.com/a/2qHSK
But it can be also just a Backround color.
I think it would be nice, because you can set up Colors for Objects that work together and classify or prioritize them.

Making Bookmarks!
For example an specific Object or even in a Script. Maybe you are working in a Script of an Objects and you want to work on an other Objects, but wont forget where you have been before. The Bookmark will be placed by an Shortcut for example, and can be placed to an hole Object, or just at a Position where you want to have it. In your Room for example or anywhere in a script. And for each Bookmark you can write a description, so if you move your mouse over it, the description shows up at remember you what you wanted to know at this point.

Split Notes!
You have a Note, which can be splitted up and each Part can be also colored up, because all letters are white at now and i loose my Overview anytime. So each Part can have an heading, for example for things to do or an special Note Part for Scripts. And Scripts you are writing in your Note, wont work for sure, but there are looking like normal scripts being colored and you can press for Help in your Notes. Because im saving codes in my Notes and if i want to open the Helpmenu i need to copy it into a real script before, thats timewasting.

Okey guys. Thats some of my Ideas, may be enhancing the program, i think so. More ideas coming for sure.

Thanks you :)
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Bookmarks are already there. Use CTRL+SHIFT+<number> to set, and CTRL+<number> to goto.

Same as GMS1.x, although they are far more complete and you can bookmake pretty much anything