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Question - IDE Some images won't import into Sprite Editor


Title says it all really, I did a test of around 30 images (All .PNG format) and oddly enough only around 20 of them imported, the others had no effect, as once I clicked 'Open' nothing gets imported. There's nothing odd about the images, all just general sprites/BG/animated images etc. All imported fine into 1.4.
That's probably due to the limits of the beta (we're effectively on the trial version, so we only get 20 sprites per project)


It's not that I have imported that many sprites, I'm using the same sprite to test out importing many images, so 1 image imports fine, I'll go ahead and delete it then try import a different image, it sometimes imports fine, other times no dice depending on the image by the looks.
Okay that is weird, perhaps it's worth reporting it as a bug. I might test it out myself to see if I can reproduce it


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If you find sprites that will not import then please file a bug and attach the sprites and we will take a look at what is going on, we have not found any ourselves but that may depend on what package has output them.



Bumping this as I thought the problem got fixed, but I ran into it again today.

I filed the bug a while back, but here's a gif of it happening:

Notice the first image doesn't import, but the next one I try imports fine.


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We've fixed all the ones that were filed. If you find another image, file a bug and include the image. We won't fix things just being discussed - they have to be filed so we can A) Don't forget them B) track them properly , and C) Don't forget them....