Some Dimension Advice for Hand drawn art



I'm working on a game with hand drawn art and unfortunately (unless I don't know something I should) all hand drawn art has to be really big because if not it's blurry and pixelated. Because of this everything has to be bigger meaning the rooms and the views. I was wondering if having a very large view port (aspect ratio) is bad. To put it another way will it affect the visuals on different people's monitors trying to become smaller. This may be a really ridiculous question so I apologize in advance if it is but "dimensions" are one thing I have trouble grasping.


I dont think your art needs to be a particular size,

Images are effected by scaling.
You can also get a different appearance for your art by going to Global game settings Shift + Ctrl + G, under windows tab, then the Graphics tab inside there and changing "Interpolate colors between pixels" as well as other settings there.
You can choose keep aspect ratio when they resize the window and so on.


Back in the day, systems like SNES ran most games at a native resolution of 256x224 (though not always the case). Fast forward to today where the standard is either 720p (1280x720), 1080p (1920x1080), or even as high as 4k (3840x2160). As resolution increases, you are able to provide finer detail. Some pixel art games will use a smaller resolution and scale it up to say 4x or 8x to fit a full screen. Other games such as, off the top of my head, Castle Crashers, achieve the nice HD look because their sprites are, well kind of like you said, much bigger. Having a large room/view port isn't necessarily bad, but it will be more taxing on the system's hardware. Furthermore, larger resolutions tend to require more frames for an animation to look smooth, and drops in FPS will become even more noticable. Hope this helps.