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Hello, GameMaker Community,
Hopefully I posted in the right forum section, I can be a bit clumsy and absent-minded.
I have just some minor things needed for scripting:

In my game I have (2D) cells that live and mutate, and I have a system for mutation-
Cells reproduce every 1 sec, and die after 10 sec. (Cells immediately vanish after dying)
Each cell that is born has a 25% chance to mutate.
There are X and Y traits...
X: Moves Y: Does not move
X: Does not conjoin with other cells Y: Conjoins with other cells
X: Attacks Y: Does not attack
Each time a cell mutates, it is born with a random mixture of X and Y traits.

So, perhaps someone could provide me scripts that take care of these things? Thanks a lot in advance, I heavily appreciate any help that comes my way! :)
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does $60 p/hr sound good to you?

sorry, couldn't help myself. :)
Have you tried anything yourself? Maybe give it a go first and then we can help out if you get stuck with something.


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Okay, this is a programing forum, not a requests forum... we are here to help you, sure, but we're not here to do it all for you! ;)

So, what I suggest is that you try and do these things yourself, then every time you come to a problem and the manual doesn't help you (you do know how to use the manual, right?) you can post here and we'll be very happy to help you along the right path. You might surprise yourself and learn some cool stuff in the process. :) If you are really sure that you want someone else to do it for you, then please make a Collaboration Forum Job Offer topic, and explain all the details and the payment.

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