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Discussion in 'Programming' started by Grammar, Feb 22, 2018.

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    Hey Folks!

    I have a Worldmap with different Lands ( I uploaded an Image. This is a test Map, just for realize ) where the Player can choose a Land and then a Mission. At the moment, when the Player clicks on a Land a windows is shown with 3 different Buttons: Mission 1 , Mission 2, Mission 3.

    That's quite boring, so I thought I can make a zoom effect. Something like, the Player clicks on a land, then the Camera zooms in the land and there are 3 points, for each mission.

    My question is what the best way is to realize that. Should I draw a complete Map ( Very detailed ), and then make a zoom-in-effect? Or is it better to draw a animation, where the the Part gets zoomed? An how can I zoom to a direct point of a room?

    If anyone have solutions, or maybee experience with this, pls tell me. Wold be very cool!

    - Cheers

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  2. Grammar

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    I made it now. I decided to work with background_xscale and background_yscale and view. Quite easy.

    Made alarm event [0] which sets variable zoom_wait = 0, In Create Event a variable zoom_charge = 0, zoom_active = 0, xon = 100/90, yon = 100/90 (The point where to zoom in view, divided by 90), and in Step event following:

    if( device_mouse_check_released(0, mb_left) ){


    background_xscale += 0.02;
    background_yscale += 0.02;
    view_xview += xon;
    view_yview += yon;


    zoom_charge= 0;
    global.zoom_active = 0;
    view_xview = 100;
    view_yview = 100;



    Solution is for anyone who have same or similar problems.

    - Cheers

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