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UWP [Solved] XBox One games running ok?


Hi all,

I have been deploying my current project to the XBox One during development periodically (and successfully) - when I tried to today, the build goes through to the XBox ok (SUCCESS: Run Program Complete), but when it runs, I see the Gamemaker studio 2 splash, then the XBox One Dev Home logo, then back to the main Xbox home page. I guess from that it looks like it is crashing on startup.

The code runs fine on my Win10 PC, building with the same UWP + YYC compiler setup. GMS +

So is anyone else currently deploying UWPs to XBox One, are they running ok?

Does anyone have any ideas how I could hone in on the problem?



Alright, I have deployed a separate project which has run with the same setup, so that points to a problem with the current project to look through.

Ok to close this thread, thanks.

[Edit: Solved - Needed to update the Windows Target Platform Version / Min Version values under Windows UWP > General settings.]
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