Legacy GM [Solved] why cant I click this?

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Quinnlan Varcoe

Hey everyone!

I was wondering why this code stopped working if the room changed even though the object was persistent.

Global Mouse left (obj_inventory)
///Add a random item to the inventory
var gx = x_to_gx(mouse_x+17);
var gy = y_to_gy(mouse_y+17);
var add_item = choose(item.potion, item.bomb, item.sword);

if(count[# gx, gy] == 0) {
    scr_add_item(gx, gy, add_item);
else if (count[# gx, gy] > 0) {
    if (count[# gx, gy] < 99) {
    count[# gx, gy] ++;


What is x_to_gx?

Just guessing, but are you sure the object is still active in the next room and not getting deactivated it? Are you sure it is not getting destroyed? You said the object is persistent but how do you know that the object is actually still there in the room? What test have you done?

Quinnlan Varcoe

Well I could move it around in the room but not click it.

I think isolated the problem, and x_to_gx was basically a grid converter and I realize now that the issue is that my calculations are off and I need to fix the formula or something