[SOLVED] Small sprites "jitter" when viewport is higher than view in room


When I have small objects (Around 16x16 in width) being drawn onto a 1280x720 surface, with a view in room of about 160x90, the objects will appear blurry/jittery when moving at a speed of 1. I know it's because they have to travel a longer distance in pixels being drawn so much bigger, but is there any better way of optimizing movement to prevent this from happening?

Right now I'm just using x+= for movement.


The problem is probably not the movement, but it might be your scaling.. The surface and view width and height doesn't matter that much, but the scaling matters.. Do you use a viewport? What are the viewports width and height then? Make sure that the cameras width and height is dividable by the viewports width and height without a remainder. Maybe you could post a replicable exampe and a screenshot, so that we can try it out and see what exactly is happening.